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Isnin, 22 Jun 2009

PSYCHO.unit GRAVEYARD.inc (Lyric Of Da Bitchaz Song A.K.A Tewqdeyeah)


PROVOKED 2007 (The Album):

First of all, again we would like to apologize to all the innocent people who are still getting us wrong. Provoked is an album we dedicated to those who are not ordinary and abnormal just like us. We made ourselves so called sinners' doing this album to clear and change a sinners mind . While people are saying that it was a Kette Vaarthe (Vulgar Word) album, we take this as our faith. Our sincere appreciation and thanks for those who got the message loud an clear. These rational and clear headed people truly understand us from head to toe what this album is about. People are appreciating and sending compliments to PSYCHO.unit and RABBIT for the albums concept, rap style and quality but everyone forgot to think more deeper of the risk we took. Some still do not understand the severity of this album with such concept or simply they just choose to ignore our risk but rather criticise on the great effort that we actually did. This is not what we need guys and girls, we still want everyone to understand the contents of the album as we have actually intended, not just listening to its explicit content literally. What we are trying to say is this album will be the easiest way to stop your unwanted things in life EASILY if you deny the explicit words. 'Extract the juice out of the fruit and thee shall find great proportions of sweet nectar waiting'. These are the true stories behind each and every major tracks in PSYCHO.unit's RABBIT.mac's PROVOKED album.

PROVOKED 2007 (The Album) Da'Bitchas Song:

Guys says this is a bomb track, and the good gurls hates us, some say its the best ever, a big aapu for the girls and etc. But Rabbit didn't think so. Sadly, he dedicates this track to his one and only hommie, friend, kappe kawan, homeboy, his best friend and a brother from a different mother, S****. He passed away earlier in the year 2007 just because of his Girl Friend who became a BITCH, a real true BITCH, thats means shes not Girl !! He used to be Rabbit's friend before they were in the kindergarten. She was the most sincere girl friend to his friend. They were happy for 4 years until her real colour faded in. His friend kept this pain in silence to himself without telling Rabbit. He lost weight terribly, had sleepless nights, crying himself alone,he have not been sleeping properly almost for a year. Before he died, he went missing for almost 3 months; it was the most disastrous days for his loved ones, Rabbit and his friends. He suddenly came back, and things seemed to go back to normal for a few days. He confided to Rabbit about what had happened in his life from head till toe. The next day, he commits suicide. He hanged himself with a new tattoo of his Girl Friend's name on his chest. Till today, the girl is missing. Rabbit, who read the suicide note left by his beloved friend. Not only his friend took his own life without regards to how his loved ones would feel, he was suffering in silence for all this time without Rabbit himself knowing. This is the real "Why He's Provoked". This was among the main reasons for the title of the Album itself. So, I hope you guys and gals will get this song right next when you listen, of cause its strictly not for kids under 18. We made the track sound happy and hyper coz we did it the PSYCHO.unit way. If we had done it on the sentimental concept, it would be another same song like what people use to do and dedicates when their close ones leaves them. All we wanted to do was to send the message strong but in a positive way. We didn't mean to hurt anyone, all we wanted was for the people responsible to feel the guilt and maybe .. just maybe, try to change. We know it's not easy, that's why we have the song to help you change in your path towards righteousness. We also hope all the GIRLS who got the message wrong, please correct yourselfs. This is not a song for the GIRLS this but rather for the BITCHES who hurts guy's for the sake of doing it for the fun of it. Its never was it meant for any innocent gals out there, remember, we too have female relatives just like you too!!! And to our Hommie S****, Rest in Peace Brother!!

Lyric Of Da Bitchaz Song A.K.A Tewqdeyeah

Hai Hai Hai Hai, Hai there ella pengalam nalama,
before I start my Rap Song, They Call Me Rapdiddd,Yeah Its Me Hommie,The Only One Rabbit..!! damn
i have seen girls so sick and some of them better known as chickz
so fuckin chickz..
na solluravangga ella bad girls-ennu sollulah..

but I vanthu good girls have a bitch girlfriend, where there a same thing,
ennoda senthu padungga.
so, pay attention and, kathu koduthu kelungga..

about a thhevidiyya. please dont turn around like some loose kaka on the sky
payangga vanthu play pannithu pona , uuhh vazhakailah onnu illam
just a fuckin simple life.
smart boys- a partha ukkuraa kindum, unnum partha vegama kindum
wat the fuck
oruthi orutthanaku, -sonnathu , unna pola pundekkalukku thandi soonnathu.. yeah
brahma mela kuda seira tappu irukku,
anavasiyamaga penkalukku azhaga koduthu, bumikku anuppi tollaiya koduthu,
kuppa pola tiriyuralukeh punda mavulungga

let me thavam eduthu and pray to the god, pls good safe the innocent boys,
dont let us be the next victims in this bitches toys.. and im sorry god, i have no choice

nalla pennkale, if u see this kind of fuckin playgirls on the street ..
pinchu pona seruppa kalatti ava munchile adi,
skirt-ah kalatti ava pundeya kili, mudincha virala uddu piduchi kili.
vali vali , valikuthu-nu kathum pothu, kayu balak-va tukki ava pundelahh tini..
tolaiyuralungah , punda mavulunga .. enga valnthu enna nanmainnga ?

first boyfriend for thr pink cook kathal,
second boyfriend for the pundei and the padukkei
andthe fuckin third one , for the gang bang vitthai on the metthai... enna kodumai saravanan

u know what.. intha rap pannura munnadi , 2 kilo vanthi, ore vaithalai,
sick-u pidichu alaincha - cacat - ayudda ammalehh - oohh kkkk)
ok en iniya nalla penngale, and all the beautifull, wonderful soft hearted girls in the world..
it really doesn't matter if u are a tamilachi or what ,
for the woman who 's listening my rap song shit right now,
and im really sorry for my ketta ketta varthai..
as long there is a girl like you, there are good boys has the greatest respects on you
you know, to be damn proud of who you are, god is great, come on man, leave my car

Hey, kalyanam pannuna auntie pundek gengleku oru appu,
pavam namba unclekku vayula uppu
rendu pilla petta unakku olu thevaya ?
ponna paruda punda mokka jati kuthi thevidiya
pakuthu vittu payan pulukku koda vilangi addu
mundra inchi kambula ennadi pattu ?
ehhh, kambumela unakkku karaookee
motha - motha sirripa, kuda vanthu iruppa
namba service poruppa kodutha, poruppa ava eruppaa
yaaradi okkurange
aaana, panakkara puluti punde pulu pudichikithu, mas,kaasu,house,mouse, odamno
vanthu ninna, unakku govinda , govinda
yo yo yo
yogi-B and rap, - evandaa ehh tale pera sonnathu, punda mavana
sorry mr.yogi-b and rap , athu indian girls but you gotta add a rhyme on this
rap.. so let me give a hook on that

nalla pengal irunthalum, oru the thevidia iruppale,
intha pathu unakkaaageh, tirundhadi elladi pidichikoadi.

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